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Thursday, March 5, 2009

use of "narrowed" + spring break=a post where one topic is totally unrelated to the other

Current weather: 68 degrees and sunny...woohoo!

There is a link on the Iowa State homepage stating "Human sciences dean search narrowed to one".  Um...doesn't that just mean that they have picked a dean?  Maybe in this context you can "narrow" the selection down to 2 or 3, but once you get to one, that's it...you're done.

 Above: Shannon and Tyson's spring break adventure!  4 states, 6 cities, 9 days. Rock on.

So originally I had the sentence above connected to this paragraph, but I think it sounds and looks much better on its own.  Like a tagline to a movie or something.  Anyway...definitely gearing up for that...it's hard to believe that we are leaving a week from tomorrow!  I can't believe it is already spring break time...but I am definitely ready for it.  It still seems like we just started the semester though, I can't believe we are already into March.  Spring semester always flies by way faster than the fall which is fine by me, I am ready for summer!  Even though it is going to be a lot of driving, I am still excited for break.  Sitting in a car rocking out to music (well, maybe...Tyson's radio doesn't work all that well...) sounds a ton better than sitting in class all day and/or staying up all or most of the night to do homework.

Spring break countdown: 8 days


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