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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Design-Build 2009

Above you can see what I worked on all this past semester.  Started January 12, and completed on May 2, is the "sleeping cabin" my class created in South Sioux City, NE.  (I just figured out how to hyperlink text, so I am pretty stoked. :))  In a mere 17 weeks, the 16 of us were given the project and client, created a design concept, argued repeatedly about the design concept (weeks 2-4...), finally agreed on a single design, presented the design and budget to the parks and rec board of South Sioux, and, finally, constructed the whole darn thing.  

I personally joined the class not knowing a soul, as I was the lone interior designer working on the project, along with 12 architects and 3 landscape architects.  There were also 3 graduate students mixed in amongst the rest of us undergrads.  Also included was our professor, Bruce, who had the charisma and patience, as well as 12 years design-build studio experience behind him, to put up with us.  I know there were times that I never thought this thing would actually be finished.  Most notable of these times is probably when I went with 3 others to pour the 12 concrete foundation piers.  Not only was it a wicked cold and windy day, but I just kept looking from our pitiful mess of a site to the cabin they had built last year (a similar project was done by the design-build studio last spring) and all I could think was, "We have to go from this to that in 6 weeks?!?".  I could not get my mind wrapped around that fact.  I still could not wrap my mind around that fact a week and a half later when the deck crew called to say that the foundations had been poured in backwards on the site, and they had to repour 4 of them before they could install the deck.  Needless to say, we did get it built in time for our final review, and it truly turned out to be a beautiful project.  


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