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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Design Student Pet Peeve

These are the questions (or variations of) that I have been getting asked all week (usually from a non-design student):

"So, are you almost done with your project? How much longer until you are done?"

I usually just stare at them blankly for a moment, quite unsure of how to answer. See, a design project is never truly done. There are always little tweaks and fixes (if not big tweaks and fixes) that can be made to alter the project. Something can always look different, match better, be represented differently, made of a different material, expanded upon more, etc. etc. etc. It is not possible to answer this question in a quantity of minutes, hours, or days. And "almost done"...what does that mean? Obviously right now I am closer to being "almost done" with my project then I was yesterday. Even tomorrow, once this project is "complete" and presented, it will still only be "almost done".

So my answer to their question?

"Um...it's due on Monday?"

Hopefully that suffices.


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