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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Progression of a Day with Cancelled Class, Part I

9:45 am: By pure unrelated luck, be notified that both classes for the day are cancelled. Huzzah!

9:46 am: Visualize how much work can get done now that class has been cancelled.

9:48 am: Create mental list of work that can, nay will, be done. Pretty much everything for the whole entire semester, ever. Imagine what will be done with free time for the rest of the semester.

9:56 am: Begin to look up random things online. But the whole day is free, right? It can't hurt to read some articles for just a little bit...

11:30 am: Realize that the mental list created earlier in the day hasn't been thought of since then.

11:33 am: Grab some lunch, convinced that procrastination will cease after hunger subsides.

12:33 pm: Sigh and begin work. Grudgingly.

1:14 pm: Realize need for coffee is imminent. Decide to take advantage of not needing to be in studio for once. Gather belongings to grab some Caribou and work in library. Everyone is productive in the library!

1:27 pm: Coffee in hand, remember why the library is so creepy. Proceed past masses of silent people also pretending to be studying, to the library cafe, where there is at least some semblance of noise.

2:11 pm: Get fed up with silence, head home where the TV can be on for background noise.

2:13 pm: Get to the bus stop at the exact time the bus is supposed to be there.

2:16 pm: Figure the bus came early, start walking home.

2:18 pm: Get passed on walk home by said bus. Two of them.

2:32 pm: Home procrastination begins.

3:06: Write blog post chronicling a day without class.

To be continued...


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