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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mind Doodles III-internship edition

1.) I am meeting up with one of my friends after work to go to the Mill City Museum for a concert, food, and drinks. While I am pretty excited about this, the fact that we used the phrase "let's meet up after work" when we were talking about getting together is a little bit disturbing...and mostly just makes me feel old!

2.) Related to the above, I also feel old when I am sitting in Caribou to do my work, dressed professionally, and then a group of high schoolers walk in wearing their light-rinse jeans and Hollister tees. I want to tell them "hey-I have those in my closet, too!"

3.) Tile is freaking sweet. Since I have been working on tile designs for the kitchen and bath for my internship, I have been noticing tile EVERYWHERE...and redesigning every bath and kitchen I have been to recently in my head.

4.) Since I am considered the "techie" at work, people expect me to fix all of their electronic problems, from televisions to computers to cell phones to how to put a video in full-screen mode on YouTube. While I am not confident about any of these things (except the YouTube example) I am usually able to bluff my way through them pretty well. No one here is very old yet they all managed to miss the boat on technology by about 10 years. Worse than that, they had to endure 80's hair and 90's high-waisted jeans far longer than I did...I definitely got the better end of the deal.

5.) Tyson is going to be appalled that I took a seemingly technological start to the above, and somehow ended up talking about fashion. Ha!


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