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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chronology of Getting Through to ISU's Financial Aid Office

You would think that after 4 years we would have this all figured out, but alas...

8/17/09: Called multiple times, busy signal every time.

8/18/09: Ditto

8/19/09: Ditto


10:39 am: Ditto

10:51 am: The phone actually rings! Hooray!

10:52 am: Sat and listened to what alternated between classical and old MoTown music from the '60s. I think this is progress.

10:55 am: Continue to be reminded that I have reached ISU's financial aid office. Um...hello? I have gone to ISU's financial aid office a fair number of times and have never heard classical and/or MoTown music playing. Pretty sure they are lying.

10:59 am: More of the same.

11:02 am: A real person! Success!!!

11:02-11:09 am: Explain that I want to get rid of a loan that I already received the money for but do not want. Also ask where to return the money. The guy removes both loans (from summer and fall), repeatedly tells me its my fault for approving all of my financial aid in the first place, (even though you have to approve your financial aid by a certain date, long before you see your actual U-Bill with the breakdown of all the charges, and maybe then decide that you don't want/need some of the loans you recieved), does not tell me where to return the money that I have already recieved, and leaves me more confused then when I started.

11:10-11:18 am: Mom and I sit down with my old bill, the new bill with all charges and payments in front of us on the computer, and one handy-dandy calculator to figure this all out.

11:19: Sip my coffee with a sigh of relief, about 78% confident that we have figured this all out correctly...


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