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Sunday, October 11, 2009

On the Road Again

Boy, all of these "road trips" are really starting to wear on me. Since the start of this semester, I have only been in Ames for two full weekends. And since my boy was here one of those weekends, it hardly even counted (homework-wise, anyway). Lets see...

Aug. 29/30: GONE. In Albert Lea, MN for a wedding reception.

Sept. 4/5/7: GONE. In Madison visiting my boy.

Sept. 12/13: Actually in Ames.

Sept. 16/17/18/19/20: GONE. In Toronto on field trip.

Sept. 26/27: GONE. In Madison to see the boy again.

Oct. 3/4: In Ames. Boy is here.

Oct. 10/11: GONE. Back home in Twin Cities for wedding planning.

And coming up I will be in Ames this coming weekend, and then gone again to visit the boy in Madison (and then it's HIS turn to come see me here again in November!).

This crazy road tripping all of the time actually started last semester, in the spring, with spring break. That was a 9 day long journey of non-stop travel to something like 6 cities in 4 states. Not to mention being gone in Sioux City all of the time last semester for my design build studio, plus being gone a couple of times for internship interviews. Then this summer it seemed like almost daily road trips what with my 90-minute commute every day. This whole year seems like it is going to be nothing but traveling, though, with the boy being in Madison, wedding planning to be doing back in Minnesota, and now Crystal getting engaged and married in May, which means more bridal showers and things to travel for and plan. (I am super super excited though! Bring it on :))

I have to admit, though, that I do like being "settled". I could never have one of those jobs that requires travel 4 or 5 days a week, that's for sure. Last week I was looking at the little case I carry my jewelry in when I am traveling. It's been sitting on my desk, full of the jewelry I wear most often, since the beginning of the school year. For a moment I just sat and stared at it, wondering why on earth I had not put it away yet. But then it dawned on me-I have needed it to be ready to go almost every weekend-it just doesn't make sense to put everything away only to pack it back up again! Likewise for my suitcase. Sure I COULD put it somewhere out of plain sight in my room...but when I need it every three or four days to pack again, it seems much more practical to leave it right where it is.

I do have to mention, though...one (or two) of the things I least enjoy doing in life are packing and unpacking. And the biggest part I dislike about unpacking is the massive pile of laundry it leaves on my return. Yee-uck. :P


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