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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weddings, Weddings Everywhere...

I am about ready to puke from talking about wedding stuff. Between my own wedding, then my maid of honor getting engaged so I am now HER maid of honor, a girl I teach dance with getting married next May, and others in my interior design program being engaged too, it is pretty much inescapable. Not that I am unexcited for my own and other weddings-I definitely am!-but talking about any one subject nearly 24/7 could drive anyone to the loony bin...

Also, while theknot.com is a wonderful tool and wedding website, there are some girls out there that really need to get a life. I enjoy it for some of the local resources it recommends, and I really, really, REALLY like the checklist that helps keep me on track, but beyond that....meh. There have been a few times that I have clicked on the different forums and questions, but it makes me want to gag each time, and wonder why on earth I clicked on them in the first place. The acronyms alone could cause an English teacher to commit suicide. It took me a few days to even realize that BM meant bridesmaid-at first I thought it meant best man! FI=fiance (duh...), MOH=maid of honor(ok, confession: I DO call my own MOH this one), and I still can't figure out what MUA means. Not to mention that the same girls seem to sit on the forums all day writing back and forth...seriously, don't you have a mom (does mother of the bride=MOTB?), BM, MOH, FI, or MUA (?) to help you out at all? Why ask the opinions of strangers all the time?

Now for the good, non-complaining news: I have all of the major things done except for finding a DJ-the church, reception site (which includes catering), photographer, florist, and cupcake lady are all booked-hallelujah!


Tyson Diddley said...

My guess for MUA is Make-Up Artist. Does that make sense in context?

ShayJay said...

Yeah, that was the best guess I had after reading the post again last night...

but honestly, I shouldn't have to learn a whole new vernacular just to look at a wedding website!

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