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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Adventures in Omelet Making

Tyson and I ventured out this morning to the Madison Farmer's Market...lots and lots of stands of delicious locally-produced food (particularly cheese...these crazy Wisconsinites), flowers, plants, and other things. Tyson and I specifically went to buy ingredients for fresh, homemade omelets! (I actually went because I wanted coffee and flowers, but he can think I went for the omelets...)

Confession: I have never made an omelet before.

Neither has Tyson. (Yeah, big surprise there.)

Well, let's see how this works...

Attempt #1: Not bad, but half of the "egg pancake" ripped when I tried to flip it. Some emergency cheese melting over the top was necessary to glue the whole thing back together.

At least Tyson thinks it tastes good! (And it did.)

Attempt #2 (note the smallest stove ever)...

...Tyson, in all his manliness, decided that he needed to figure out how to flip an omelet after my first "failed" attempt. Instead, he ended up folding the egg pancake over on itself three or four times, fusing the whole thing together in one egg-y lump. Rescue attempt for this batch? No longer an omelet, but scrambled eggs. And darn it, that was supposed to be MY omelet, too...

Attempt #3: A perfect flip! By none other than yours truly. Perfectly browned and delicious.

Conclusion: Omelets: 1, Shannon: 1, Tyson: -1.


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