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Monday, April 26, 2010

Why the World Needs Interior Designers (or Why You Shouldn't Just Trust an Architect)

For the past day I have been working on rendering the floorplan of a restaurant for our hotel project, which had been created and designed by the architect in our group. Thankfully I am looking this over, because so far I have found that...

  1. the patrons would not be able to use one set of elevators, as there were walls drawn around all four sides of them.
  2. the customers would not be able to use the restrooms, either, since there are no doors to get into them.
  3. the mens restroom looked just like the women's restroom...i.e. no urinals.
  4. actually the other set of elevators has walls around all four sides, too, so apparently nobody is getting up to this 5th/6th floor restaurant unless they are trekking up the stairs...
  5. ...except that the stairs also have walls around all four sides. But there is a window curtainwall on one side, so if you managed to get trapped there somehow, at least you'd have a great view!
  6. the bar had no chairs around it.
  7. the circular booths had backs and seats all the way around them...meaning that there was no way to sit down in them unless you climbed over the back. But then that makes waiting on these tables interesting. Maybe your food is dropped down to you from the ceiling?
  8. the area where you pay the big bucks to watch the chef prepare your meal also has no chairs around it. I guess you are paying top dollar to stand around.
  9. the walk-in freezer room has no door to it.
In addition, when she first gave me the plan, the waiting/lounge area was completely blank and devoid of furniture so she told me to just draw in whatever I wanted...which is fine, except that area is a good 1/3 of the entire space! And the bar area just had large squares where she "wanted furniture to go". Talk about feeling undervalued as an interior designer...

Anyway, the architect in my group is actually pretty good, and built a rockin' model for our review...

...which is in only four more days!


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