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Friday, February 27, 2009

mind doodles II

1.)  I can get $15 an hour to be an unclothed model for a life-drawing class here at ISU.  This means that I can get paid more money to take my clothes off than to be a research assistant to my professor, advancing the knowledge of mankind.  Welcome to the world.

2.)  I am not very good at adapting to change when I do not see it coming.  Maybe that sounds obvious, but let me give an example: The transition to college was not a big deal to me at all.  It was obviously supposed to be a change, and therefore it didn't bother me.  I can remember laying in bed the first night wondering if I was supposed to feel upset or lonely or something...because I didn't.  Conversely, I WAS upset last weekend when we went to eat at an at an Italian restaurant at the last minute instead of The Cafe, because I had my mind made up for one type of food, and my mind did not like transitioning to the other.  

3.)  I am trying to think of a name for the light I am designing for class/a lighting competition.  I am going the sustainable route, and am using recycled glass and pieces of glass to create the fixture.  However titling the piece is a problem.  Using "broken", "shattered", "fragment" or synonyms of those words (to reference the pieces of glass making up the luminaire) sound either too depressing or too dangerous.  Hmmm...


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