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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

24 Hours

What can be done in 24 hours? A lot of little things: household chores, shopping, watching TV, making and eating multiple meals, working out, sleeping. Even some big things: hosting a party, driving to another state, having a baby.


One really big thing.

Above: The second level of our floor plan for Dillard's, hypothetically located in North Grand Mall. Yes, that's right, I have been working on this rendering for the past 24 hours. I have printed, sketched, drawn, measured, markered, inked, colored penciled, re-markered, and re-inked every single line and every single stroke on that page. To put this to scale, this drawing is approximately 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall. (Very thankful that we downsized from originally having it be 5 feet wide by 3 feet tall...It would have been as wide as I am tall and I would still be working on it!)

Note that I also said second floor, meaning that right now, after I finish this blog post, I am going to whip out the first floor and do this all over again.

And what's a huge rendering like this without having a little fun? Below: a close-up of the lower left corner (near the customer service desk in our plan) of some Christmas trees and a Santa Claus (and yes this is a plan view, so it looks really awkward but Santa is sitting down and you are looking from above). What's a department store without a Santa Claus to visit and ask for all the goodies around you?

Tis the season (or very nearly)!


Tyson Diddley said...

This is an amazing piece of work. "That was a good job!"

Santa Claus does not look that fat.

ShayJay said...

Using my handy dandy architects scale, I just measured the depicted Santa. As it turns out, he is about 4'-0" across (shoulder-to-shoulder), and 2'-6" wide. For comparison, I measured myself (approximately) and am about 5-ish" wide and 1'-3" across. I would say that Santa is plenty large. :)

Tyson Diddley said...

Fair enough...I stand corrected ;)

ShayJay said...

I will admit that he is probably not very in proportion...let's just hope nobody looks too closely during the critique.

ShayJay said...

In fact, (you will like this) the ratio of Santa's width to depth (48"/30")is 1.6, while mine (15"/5")is 3, so he is definitely not in proportion.

Tyson Diddley said...

That just means that he is spherical, like a globe. I can find out counties in him.

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