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Monday, November 2, 2009

Just a 4-year Old in My Pink Tutu...

I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but sometimes when I am teaching dance, I happen to glance up at the mirror and see a line of little girls, eyes upon me, copying my every move. It always gives me a moments pause, not seeming right that I am the instructor in the front of the room, instead of the 4-year old in a pink tutu trying to follow directions. It's kind of a scary thing...I mean, what are they doing trusting me with a room full of 4-year olds anyway (or 5-year olds, or 6-year olds, etc.)?!? Isn't someone still supposed to be instructing me? I think I am still 4-years old...for heavens sake, I just saw a commercial for the Crayola crayon maker on TV today and I am planning on asking for it for Christmas! When this happens though, it startles me, and I really have to think about what I am doing and saying. I guess sometimes I just go so much into autopilot mode that this is a good reality check. Though I do still marvel at the fact that I can have a room of up to 15 girls that do everything I tell them to do. And when they come in with big smiles on their faces, or get big, goofy grins when it is their turn to do across-the-floors, it is totally worth it. Love it. <3

Also, an observation: I am currently sitting in studio in my go-to working in studio outfit: red ISU sweatshirt and jeans. I have had this ISU sweatshirt since I made my first visit here as a junior in high school...which I just realized was SIX years ago. Aaaahhhh! I have seriously worn this sweatshirt to late nights in studio since my freshman year here. I don't even think anymore, just grab it before heading out of my apartment. I have even been guilty of snatching it out of the dirty laundry...as long as it is not too far down in the pile. It's just so darn comfy and perfectly worn-in.


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