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Friday, January 9, 2009


What I am going to miss about my Jeep:

  • heated seats
  • built-in thermometer
  • programmable buttons for things (like the garage door)
  • my 10-cd changer
  • 4-wheel drive (no fear even on snowy roads)
  • automatically adjusting drivers seat with programmable settings for 2 people
  • the button i push that tells me how many more miles before i run out of gas
  • the big back storage area
What I am excited for in my "new" Cutlass:
  • 85,000 miles (as opposed to almost 160,000)
  • way better gas mileage
  • i still have a sunroof
  • i probably look more in proportion to the vehicle i drive
  • it is very, very clean
  • the stuff i haul around will be hidden in the trunk, not blocking my view through the back window
  • the speakers all work
  • it does not beep every time i start it and say "please perform service" even though nothing is wrong
What I still miss about my Jimmy (my first car):
  • the bright blue color
  • it was a beast and could handle anything


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