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Monday, January 19, 2009

you know your shopping trip has been successful when you have saved more than you have spent...

Chipotle: $12 Free (with a gift card)
One cashmere-blend scarf: $98 $25
One pair of khakis for my boy: $48 $9
One sweater: $39.50 $15
Another sweater: $59.50 $47
One soft sweater for my boy: 29.50 $12.50
Hand soap: $10 $3
One track jacket for my boy: $50  $40
Dinner (including one delicious pomegranate margarita): $49.53

One full day of bonding with my boy: priceless 

Above: my favorite deal of the day, which actually turned out to be $25 when I brought it up to the register


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