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Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday + snow + 1st day of school = ...

When it is only 10 o' clock in the morning, and it feels like it is about noon, (*sigh*, it's STILL not noon!), you know you are in for a long day...

Dear Mr./Ms. Computer Lab In-Charge Person,
Don't update the ENTIRE computer lab over break unless you do it right.  It is very frustrating to come back over break and not have my flash drive recognized/tell me that I am not authorized to access my OWN stinking flash drive/not allow me to do anything with my flash drive if I can get it open (i.e. not make new folders or put any new files on the drive).  Using a flash drive seems like a pretty basic function of computers and any issues with it should be resolved before you have hundreds of students coming back to your building.

And I found out that my option studio class, for which we are building a cabin in South Sioux City, Nebraska, also meets on Fridays, not just on Mondays and Wednesdays like I originally thought.  I have not had class on Fridays for the past year and a half...call me spoiled, but this sucks.  No less because it is a 4 hour (yes, hour) class from 1:10-5:20.  Yuck.  This makes things additionally complicated because I plan on doing interviews on Fridays for my internship, and missing a 4-hour studio class does not sound like a very good plan.  However, we are also told that since as interior design students we have Fridays "free", that any absenses in our interior design classes because of job interviews are not excused, which also excludes the other 4 weekdays.  *sigh*  This is probably not the semester to finally have class on Fridays.  I am excited for the class otherwise though, although it would have been nice to know exactly when it met before the very first day of classes...


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