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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Week in the Life: Tuesday

I didn't take quite as many pictures today. #1. I accidentally left my camera battery charging at home when I left this morning, so I only had my cell phone to take pictures with most of the day. #2. I was pretty busy with an exam and meetings and things. #3. I just plumb forgot! nevertheless, here is what at least part of a ShayJay Tuesday looks like...

9:27 am: Oh what to wear, what to wear? It would probably be easier to decide with a cleaner closet...

10:02 am: Bus ride to campus on a gloomy day...

10:42 am: Studying and breakfast in the design atrium.

1:39 pm: Walking to the MU after my art history exam (which I rocked...I think) for a meeting.

6:53 pm: On my way to Connection Group (Bible Study) singin along to my radio. The singing part is important, since I can't be in my car without singing along to something, so I purposely moved my steering wheel down for the second photo. How safe/legal was it for me to take these photos? I made it alive, so that's all that matters. ;)

2:01 am (obviously): Pulling out of the parking lot from the COD (college of design). On an interesting note, when I got back to my apartment, there were three guys grilling in the green space outside of my apartment complex. I was half tempted to inform them what time it was, but couldn't decide if they had either the best or the worst idea ever...


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